Frequently asked Questions

1. How to register?

Press the button REGISTRATION at top right on website.

Enter your login, date of birth, currency, phone number or email (optionally) and your password (will be used for access the account) in the appeared window. Then put checks of your agreement with the terms and press the Registration button.

If the registration is successful, then you see following window:

2. How to make a deposit with a banking card?

To add money to your balance you need press the button DEPOSIT at top right.

Press the Online Deposit Methods in the appeared window. Choose the type of a card in the PAYWAYS field. Enter the sum of a deposit in the field SUM and press the DEPOSIT button.

Input the card info and press PAY.

You will receive a confirmation code on your phone. This code should be entered to the next window, then you press SUBMIT. If you did not get the code, you may press «Re-send Password to your mobile device» button.

If all the points are complete correctly, you see the following window, and the funds come to your account.

3. How to withdraw funds to a bank card?

To withdraw funds to a bank card, you need to click on the Deposit/Withdrawal funds button at the top right, or click on your username and select Payout.

Next, select Payout

In the ONLINE WITHDRAWAL METHODS section of the appeared menu press INTERKASSA. Choose the appropriate option in the list below: Visa, Mastercard.

After choosing the appropriate method of withdrawal enter your card number and withdraw amount, then press CONFIRM button.

ATTENTION! You have to pass the verification to activate the opportunity of withdrawal funds to your banking card.

4. How could I change the password?

If the necessary to change the password appears, click on your login at top right and choose the point CHANGE THE PASSWORD.

Enter your current password in the first field of the appeared window. Enter your new password in the second and the third fields and press SAVE THE PASSWORD button.

After successful change of a password the following window appears:

5. I forgot my profile password. What should I do?

In case of account password loss, you may reset your password. Press ENTER button at top right and then press FORGOT THE PASSWORD? in the appeared window.

Enter your login, email or phone number given in the registration of account and security code (a captcha) and then press NEXT.

You will get the letter with a password recovery key in your email or phone number. In the current window 2 additional fields will appear. Enter the password recovery key and new password into them and press CHANGE THE PASSWORD button then.

If the password change was successful, you will see the following window:

6. How to place a bet?

To place a bet on event pre-match on the site you have to switch to the SPORT section. In the field FIND YOUR GAME on the left, you may enter a name of an event or a name of some team to accelerate proper event searching. You may find an event by clicking on the LINE or LIVE button. Then choose period of time in the field ALL EVENTS below. And then, choose sport, country, tournament below.

After choosing the tournament you wish in the center field appear all events available for betting in accordance with set filter.

By clicking on the event’s name, you may unfold the list of all available results.

After clicking on the certain event odds it, add to the TICKET in the right part of the web page. Enter the sum of your bet in the TICKET field and press PLACE A BET button.

If the bet is accepted and registered in the system, then you see the following window:

To make sure that your bet is accepted, press BETS HISTORY button in the TICKET field.

All you bets can be viewed at the appeared window.

7. What to do if the bet is calculated wrong?

Contact Sportloto support service (chat window is in the lower right-hand corner). Clarify your account ID, bet number and detailed information about the bet (sport, championship, name of a match etc.).

8. May I open several Sportloto accounts?

Each Client may have one account only ( General Terms and Definitions, 147th paragraph). If a Client with more than one account is detected, the Company reserves the right to block the account / accounts and all related winnings. Re-registration is allowed with the Company’s permission only. In case of loss your login information, we recommend to recover it with the PASSWORD RECOVERY tool (press question mark in the login window) or contact our support service (chat window is in the lower right-hand corner).

9. I placed a bet mistakenly, whether it would be possible to cancel it?

According to the Rules (paragraph 51), the bet is considered accepted after its registration on the Company's server and online confirmation in the BETTING HISTORY section. Registered bets are not subject to cancellation. The reception time of the bet is the time of its registration on the server.

10. «LIVE Bets» – what is that?

«Live Bets» – are bets that are accepted during an event or half-time / break.

11. What is the minimum withdrawal sum?

The minimum withdrawal sum is 30 UAH.

The maximum withdrawal sum is 200 000 UAH.

12. What is the difference between Single Bet and Accumulator Bet?

When you place a bet on the forecasted outcome for one event, it is Single Bet.

Accumulator Bet is a combined bet for a several events’ outcomes. The outcome odds of each event included in the accumulator are multiplied across them. Therefore, the more events you combine the more you may win. But if at least one event fail, the whole Accumulator Bet is lost.

13. Is there minimum and maximum bet sum limit?

The minimum bet for Single Bet and Accumulator Bet is 10 hryvnas.

The minimum bet for System Bets is 3 hryvnas / 1 option.

The maximum bet is determined by the bookmaking service for each separate event and depends on the sport and the event in question. It could be changed without preliminary written warning.

The bookmaker has the right to limit the maximum bet on selected events, as well as to limit or raise the maximum bet for certain Clients without notification or explanation of its reasoning.

14. How long does it take to deposit / withdraw funds at gaming account?

Time spent for financial transaction depends on payment system you choose. Normally it takes within one to three days.

15. My bet was not calculated, was it?

The fact of the accepted bet being won or not is determined by recording the fact of the chosen event or set of events having taken place, considering the outcome (result) of the event. The outcome (result) of the event is determined based on the information provided by the official organizer and / or organizers of the event. If the initial result of the event has been revoked for some reason later on, this fact isn’t considered and the bets are payable according to the initial (actual) results except if the original published results of the event are amended within 24 hours of their initial publication.
Initial (actual) result is the result, which is announced by the official organizer and / or organizers of the event immediately after its end. If the result of the event / events isn’t announced by the official organizer and / or organizers of the event during 72 hours after its end, the organizer of the lottery may use other information sources notifying the participants about the information source and results.

16. Where can I see my bets history?

To see all your bets enter your account on the website and switch to BETTING HISTORY section.

Choose bets’ period and status at the appeared window, press SHOW button after that.

17. What to do if money didn’t come to the account?

Cash deposit into Sportloto account or encashment of funds implements via financial institutions or payment systems. Contact your bank on this matter, please.

18. Is there a fee for encashment of my funds?

According to the Rules (paragraph 156), if the participant has made a deposit on his / her gaming account with payment card or payment system but hasn’t placed any bets with that amount, in case of claiming that amount back the participant will pay the payment system fees at the rate of the payment system charge for the transfer of that amount to the Organizer’s account (the Organizer takes a decision on charging commission in the light of the player’s gaming history, e.g. in case of improper gaming conduct of the participant).

19. May I change my personal information provided on sign up?

If incorrect information was provided on sign up, and you do want to change it, email to providing the following data:

⇒ full name provided on sign up;

⇒ proper full name;

⇒ gaming account number;

⇒ email provided on sign up;

⇒ the reason why the data was provided incorrect;

⇒ a color scanned copy or photo copy (a picture) of good quality as a proof of the correctness of the data.

After the request completion, our experts handled it within 24 hours.

20. What is needed for a verification?

In order to verify your account, you need to send a photo of documents and a selfie to our email with topic "Verification № (account number).

Acceptable documents

Civil passport (spread of pages 1, 2, 3, spread with current photo of 25 y.o and 45 y.o., spread with the place of residence).
New format passport (ID card and the place of residence statement).

Requirements for documentation

Attached files extension must be .jpg
Full name, photo, date of birth, document number, issuing authority and place of residence statement must be clearly visible. Color photo copies (pictures) or scanned copies are allowed only (xeroxed copies are not allowed). A document must be unfolded completely, and there must be seen edges of pages at the photo.
If you make a mistake, then verification manager may fix your account data in accordance with your documents.
If copies of your documents meet the requirements, then wait for successful verification completion notification within 24 hours since the date of request.

21. Clients’ submissions and proposals

You can email all your submissions and proposals to Describe in details the matter of your submission or proposal and provide your contact data for feedback.

22. Can I change the email address I provided when registering?

To replace the email address on your account, you need to contact support via chat on the site, or by writing an email to

Providing account information in the format:

⇒ Account ID;

⇒ Date of birth indicated at registration;

⇒ Phone number indicated during registration;

⇒ E-mail specified during registration;

⇒ The email address you would like to add to your account instead of the previous one.

23. Can I change the phone number I provided when registering?

To replace the phone number on your account, you need to contact support via chat on the site, or by writing a letter to the mail

Providing account information in the format:

⇒ Account ID;

⇒ Date of birth indicated at registration;

⇒ Phone number indicated during registration;

⇒ E-mail specified during registration;

⇒ The phone number you would like to add to your account instead of the previous one.

24. How to use the Cashout function?

Cashout is a function by which the Client has the opportunity to close his bet for the amount proposed by the Company and to refuse a possible loss or gain when the outcome of the event becomes known. This function will be available for all bets for which a special symbol of the function will be active in the bid history section of the site.
You can find out whether this function is available before accepting a bet by checking if there is a special function symbol next to the outcome of interest.

After the bet has been placed, check whether it is possible to use the Cashout function possibly in the Bet History section

You can use this function by clicking on the proposed insurance amount. If the proposed insurance amount is suitable, you need to put a tick next to the item Agree to changes, and click the CASHOUT button.

The function may be available after making a bet before the end of the event, and the amount offered for the rate may vary depending on certain circumstances (for example, the amount of the bet, the event coefficient, the event rate determined during the function, the discount determined by the Company, the latter at the discretion of the Company).

25. How to see the history of deposits / payments?

The history of deposits / payments on the account can be found in the Transactions section

In the Transactions window at the top there is a filter by date, with which you can select the range of interest. In the Transaction Types column, you can choose which transaction you want to display information on. To display information according to the installed filter, click the Details button

The field below displays the requested information

26. What to do if forgot User Name (login)?

To enter the account instead of the Username, you can use the e-mail or phone number entered during account registration. The phone number must be in the format +380931234567

Please note that in order to use an e-mail or phone number when entering your account, they must be confirmed.

In situations when you forgot your Username and your e-mail and phone number are not confirmed on your account, you need to contact support via chat on the site, or by writing an email to, indicating an e-mail or phone number, entered during account registration.

27. How to attach a phone number to a game account?

If the phone number was not attached to the game account during registration, you can add it in your account. To do this, click on the Username and select the Personal data item.

To add a phone number, you must fill in the First name, Last name, Country, Phone. Fields, and then click the Update button. The phone number must be in the format +380931234567

After the phone number is added, you will see the message Data has been updated successfully, after which you need to refresh the page.

In the Personal Information section, next to the phone number, the Get Code button will appear. After clicking on this button, an SMS message with an activation code will be sent to the specified phone number. Enter the activation code you need in the box below the phone number, and click the Activate button.